This project involved laying 750 metres of DN600 DICL and OD660SCL Sintakote and concrete encased pipe in Nuwarra Road, Moorebank. Watermain installation includes installation in tight easement beneath retaining wall. Testing includes soil classification every 100 metres.
The project also involved:
  • Site establishment
  • Installation and maintenance of traffic control measures
  • Installation and maintenance of environmental controls
  • Potholing
  • Excavation and backfill
  • Field hydrostatic and compaction testing
  • Saw cutting of concrete and asphaltic concrete road pavement
  • Installation of thrust blocks
  • Dewatering and management of groundwater and waste water
  • The excavation, exhumation, and disposal of existing water main
  • Laying of water main and fittings
  • The fabrication, installation, and encasement of steel cement-lined sections
  • Installation of temporary fencing and other structures
  • Connecting pipework to services 
Pipelaying activities undertaken end of 2009.
Last updated: 4/8/2011 
Watermain Installation - DN 600 DICL and OD660 MSCL concrete encased and SINTAKOTE Pipe laid from easement off Renton Ave to connection point at Nuwarra Road.


John Holland - Bulimba Creek, QLD

Reinforcement picking up additional Pile cap to restrain loads around bend - Nuwarra Road

Due to constraints from other services within the easement and the HP Gas at the proposed thrust areas, a redesign called for restraining reinforced concrete piles and additional reinforcement and encasement of the water main.  Pipe laying was technical and many services were supported.

MSCL Pipe Laid from Easement off Renton Ave, Moorebank
MSCL pipe and piles laid through retaining Wall off Renton Ave

Existing stormwater pits were cut, benched and covered to allow concrete encased water main to pass.  Water pipe laid through retaining wall and wall and footings repaired post Installation.

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