Sewer main pipe laying (DN250 PE sewer main) undertaken as part of the 3 Towns Sewerage Upgrade to bring sewer reticulation to residents in the area. The project involved the installation of 14, 679m of welded polvethelene sewer pipe ranging in size from 160mm to 400mm in diameter. Killard Excavation Pty Ltd has its own PE welders and performed both butt and fusion welds, debeading of line and CCTV footage of each joint prior to PE pipe being installed within the trench.
Pipe installed in roadways under traffic control and included installation of valves, scours, jetting points, flushing points, and permanent restoration.
Worked closely with the community as well as with the RAAF base where works were located. Also included separate contracts to construct pump stations at each town.


Freemans Reach - Pump Station


PSP 3 Towns Project - Pumpstation Footprint



August 2011

PSP Alliance - Appin
Project aims to provide a sewerage treatment scheme for the town of Appin, which is located to the south of Campbelltown. This scheme is known as the "Appin Wastewater Scheme" and involves construction of a new pressure sewerage reticulation and transfer system to service approximately 500 properties. The scope of works to be executed includes all works necessary for the installation by open trenching of sewerage transfer mains and the installation of associated structures (inclusive of isolation valves, manual air valves, scour chambers, automatic air release facilities, jetting points, flushing points ect) as per the technical specification.
The scope of work in detail as follows:
  • Installation and maintenance of traffic control measures
  • Installation and maintenance of environmental controls
  • Excavation and installation of sewerage transfer pipework
  • Installation of structures, including flushing points, jetting points, manual air valves, scour chambers, automatic air release facilities ect
  • Backfilling of the transfer mains
  • Hydrostatic pressure and compaction testing
  • Connection of pipework to services
Last updated: 11/8/2011

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