Richardson Road 28th March 2012

Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 4:42 PM

Subject: Killards current works at Narellan


Att: Jerry Daly


My husband & I live in Sirius Cct backing onto Cross Creek and Richardson Road, Narellan.


We have had the pleasure of observing your workers for quite a long time.

The workers have been very courteous and forthcoming when asked questions, and often wave when we go past the work site.


Their work has been well done during very trying weather conditions. We have had more rain in this area than we have seen in the 18yrs we have been here.

We watched as they laid the first grass on the creek bed, and then had many millimetres of rain over the weekend to see all of their hard work literally go down the drain

and onto the Golf Course – not once but quite a few times.


They just looked at the destruction and got back to work.


We wish to congratulate you on your staff and their remediation of the grounds, and their work ethics.


We will be sorry when they go, as we will miss their cheerful waves during stop/start periods, the girls always smiling and happy, but may I say the area is better than when they started,

especially the golf course area.



Mr & Mres Wilson

Sirius Cct



P.S. My dog loves the new grass, as previously there were many Bindii to stick in her feet, now is it as soft as velvet.



Last time I was at the site I dropped in to see the manager of the skiff club, and he commented that the crew were really helpful getting delivery trucks in and out and he appreciated that we were easy to work with. Big thanks to the Killard crew for making this job pain and complaint free!
Cornish Street retic main upgrade - 7/4/2010
Over the last couple of weeks, due to erratic work commitments, I have had to access my home at various times through the day and I wanted to take the time to tell you what a good impression your team has given me of the quality of workmanship your company expects from their employees.
They have never failed to be polite, well-mannered, ever obliging in moving various bulky equipment around so that myself and my neighbours can access our properties through the day, always leaving the area tidy and immaculate at the end of the days work and ALWAYS with a smile!
The work done on our street has been executed with the minimum fuss and hassle - which was a lovely surprise. It's not often these days that a person gets the opportunity to see these traits and it's a credit to them and the people they work for. Please thank your crew for a job well done.
Retic 11 and 12 North and South Conventional - 14/4/2010
The crew was great and I felt as though I could call up if there was a problem. I am one of many satisfied residents in the area. 
Congratulations on a job well done!
Freemans Reach Sewer Project - 29/4/2010
I just though I would message to compliment the crews from Killard and the the traffic control group for their most professional approach to the work in my area.
My house sits on the side of Kurmond Road which is being worked and at no time were we impeded on entry or exit. The workers were very helpful in getting us out and when we happened to be between traffic control points. The refurbishment was top class and indeed my entry from my car to my front gate is now in much better shape than it was before they came past.
The traffic has flowed smoothly and delays have been only a few minutes, if that. So well done for all involved.
Hyde Park Road trunk main renewal - 5/7/2010
I wish to thank you and your crews for the effort to deliver the Hyde Park Road trunk main renewal.
PRV at Arnott Crescent, Warriewood - 18/4/2011
I just wanted to pass on some very complimentary words that I received from the resident at 15 Arnott Crescent, Warriewood about the recent PRV work in the street.
The resident there called to let us know what a great job she thought the crew had done and how polite and accommodating all the crew on site had been. It's the second compliment we've received for this package of PRV works up in Pittwater which is a great achievement for Killard.
Bovis Lend Lease Community Day at La Perouse - 22/6/2011

For those of you involved at Community Day at La Perouse, well done. You did a really good thing, well done!



Bovis Lend Lease Community Day 2011


Dear James,

We would like to thank you for your generous efforts and contributions toward the Lend Lease Community Day 2011 at La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council.


On behalf of the team at La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council, thank you for your kind efforts and assistance during the Lend Lease Community Day 2011.


Around 60 employees and subcontractors met at Yarra House and managed to complete an amazing amount of work including providing disability access to two houses, extreme vegetation clearance at 'The Plams', landscaping a beautiful community garden and installing several letterboxes.


In addition, with support from a number of organisations, we were able to install two solar power systems on the Land Council's Head Office, Yarra Bay House, which will provide 2/3 of the power required for the building. Not only is this a long term sustainable power solution, but it will also save up to $5, 000 per year which can then be reinvested into the community.


In particular, we would like to thank Killard Excavationfor supplying the concrete used for the access ramps. The local residents are really benefiting from these essential additions to their homes.


We really hope that you enjoyed joining the Lend Lease team for Community Day. We had a great day and could not have achieved all that we did without your help.


Kind Regards,

Greg Lin and Peter Henne


Team Leaders

La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council


Last updated: 18/11/2011

Photo montage from La Perouse Community Day 2011.
Photo montage from La Perouse Community Day 2011.
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