Whether at a worksite laying piping to meet Sydney's water and sewer needs or fitting some electrical infrastructure to light the way, Killard Excavation Pty Ltd knows that it is going to affect the people and places around us. That is why Killard Excavation Pty Ltd is dedicated to being a socially responsible business by operating under a documented Quality System, which is designed to help us maintain the highest possible standards of project management for our clients while considering the protection of the environment and community at large.

Killard Excavation Pty Ltd understands that the environment is of the upmost importance when conducting business to ensure future generations will have the same privileges we currently enjoy today. That is why Killard Excavation Pty Ltd is focused on environmentally safe working practices, and we do this through the implementation of our Environmental Management System (EMS).
Killard Excavation Pty Ltd has an excellent environmental track record. An environmental management plan is developed in accordance with our environmental accreditation within the project management plan to minimise our impact during the works.
Compound management plans are also developed where compounds are required. An audit system run by a major client displays our commitment to the environment with our crews exceeding the clients averages and always striving to improve. Additionally, Killard Excavation Pty Ltd has no breaches of the Environmental Act nor recieved any fines.
Environmental Management by Killard Excavation Pty Ltd includes noise management, dust surpression , heritage, flora, fauna, sediment controls, spill control, soil sampling, waste tracking, dewatering, and control of surface runoff.

Work occured in bush easement and strict environmental controls were observed
Railway sleepers were placed over ground to protect native vegetation and minimise impact during construction works
Blackheath Aquaduct sleeper access to minimise damage to environment


Our employees are what make Killard Excavation Pty Ltd the company it is today, and without their valuable input none of the great work we do implementing Sydney's water and sewer infrastructure would be possible. With our employees being the lifeblood of our business, Killard Excavation Pty Ltd makes Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) a company mantra. Our commitment to the safety of our employees is reflected in the way we plan our work activities, equip our people, and perform and control our processes.
Killard Excavation Pty Ltd strives for continual improvement across all OHS matters. We have external accreditation with BSI with continous auditing ensuring our system is in compliance with new legislation and requirements.
Specific policies have been developed by Killard Excavation Pty Ltd to snrue OHS standards are adhered to. Continual improvement through a process of internal audits and management review meetings ensures all aspects of the OHS performance are analysed. The policies include:
  • Company staff policy manual
  • Code of Conduct policy
  • Injury management and return to work policy
  • Drug and alcohol policy
  • Risk management policy
  • Motor vehicle policy
  • Employee training and development policy

The Killard OHS System is controlled by a one off site induction into the Project Management Plan and Safe Work Method Statement, followed by daily site hazard and site safety checklists which are completed by the supervisor of each crew and kept in the Project Management Plan. Any issues are toolboxed and consultation with the crew is recorded on the toolbox forms.


Managing Director Jerry Daly and Commercial Manager James Sidwell can be seen below receiving safety awards from John Holland for PSP 3-Towns project. A Killard Excavation Pty Ltd employee, Joseph Neenan, also receieved an award from Bulk Water Alliance recognising his outstanding initiative in the delivery of Workplace Safety Standards.

Managing Director Jerry Daly, Commerical Manager James Sidwell, and Darren Tierney receiving safety awards from John Holland for the PSP 3 Towns project
Outstanding achievement in safety award received from John Holland.
Outsanding acheivement in safety award received from John Holland.
Workplace Safety Standards award received from Bulk Water Alliance. 
EMS Certificate
A certificate of appreciation from Bovis Lend Lease for Killard Excavation's participation in their recent Community Day

Killard Excavation Pty Ltd has worked to Tier 1 and Alliance partners for the past five years. Requirements of these larger companies/joint ventures is to ensure community protocols are adhered to. Within each Project Management Plan our community relation proceedures are clearly defined. Killard Excavation Pty Ltd develops a community relations action plan for our projects to develop strategies to minimise impact on the community during and post works.
Summarising our community relations our key headings are:
  • Values and commitments
  • Induction and training
  • Notification process
  • Liasing with community and media
  • Out of hours work
  • Response to complaints and enquiries
  • Access authorisation/work on private property
  • Audit
Killard Excavation Pty Ltd also keeps records of community feedback including compliments in a compliments register. A sample of these can be viewed under the Stakeholder Feedback section of the website.
Killard Excavation Pty Ltd knows that road works in residential areas can cause some disruptions, and we make every effort to minimise those disruptions for the public. We provide notification well in advance of the start of works so that residents are prepared for our arrival. In addition, we are constantly working at ways to minimise the period of time we are at the work site and are thorough in our clean up afterwards so that local neighbourhoods are back to normal as quickly as possible. 

Installing the infrastructure that brings keep Sydney's water flowing in the right direction can be a noisy business. That is why Killard Excavation Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that we get our work done with as little noise pollution as possible. It is all part of our commitment to offering a quality service under our Quality System, where we contribute positively to the community in which we work, and we have a track record of positive reactions to our presence in local areas.


Keeping traffic flowing is often an area of concern for local communities during road work, so Killard Excavation Pty Ltd works hard under our Quality System to ensure local residents get to where they are going every day, without the hassle. Killard Excavation Pty Ltd makes an effort to keep disruptions to the roads and surrounding area of work sites to the absolute minimum; it is our routine, and we do it so that residents don't have to change theirs. The positive reactions of local residents to our presence is a testament to our concern for the community at large.

Community Engagement

Killard Excavation Pty Ltd also actively contributes to society through the sponsorship of local sporting teams and associations. The Holy Cross Hurricanes Glenwood are a junior rugby league club who play under the Parramatta Catholic Diocese. As a non-profit organisation they rely on corporate sponsors for funding, and Killard Excavation Pty Ltd is happy to help out! Another organisation Killard Excavation Pty Ltd sponsors is the Corman McAnallen's Gaelic Athletic Club (GAC), where we support the ladies hurling and gaelic football teams. Killard Excavation Pty Ltd also sponsors the Terrigal Torjans rugby club. Killard Excavation Pty Ltd is also a major sponsor of the East Coast Roping Team Roping Association (ECTRA), which is involved in the sport of team roping.

In addition, Killard Excavation Pty Ltd has supported the Children's Hospital at Westmead in the Shannon Fundraiser and the oncology department, where we made a donation towards the fundraiser for the cancer unit of the hospital to help out. We were also a part of the recent community day undertaken by Bovis Lend Lease at Yarra Bay House in La Perouse. Killard Excavation Pty Ltd contributed three concreters for two days, an edgeboard, tools and a lazer level to assist in the installation of disabled access paths and ramps, the installation of picnic tables, guttering replacements, building of community garden beds, re-painting outbuildings and gardening.
Recently, Killard Excavation Pty Ltd made a contribution to Red Nose Day 2011 in support of the work of SIDS and KIDS NSW. SIDS and KIDS NSW provides bereavement support for those how have experienced the death of their baby or child for any reason during pregnancy, birth, infancy, and childhood. Their services include the provision of bereavement support, the education of community groups, individuals, health and other professionals, advocacy, and the promotion of research. Killard Excavation Pty Ltd is proud to support an organisation doing such wonderful work in the community.

The Corman McAnallen's Gaelic Athletic Club (GAC) ladies team sponsored by Killard Excavation

The logo of the Holy Cross Hurricanes, a local rugby league team Killard Excavation sponsors
A letter expressing gratitude for Killard Excavation's donation towards Red Nose Day and the work of SIDS and Kids Nsw.
A certificate of appreciation for Killard Excavation's donation supporting Red Nose Day and the work of SIDS and KIDS NSW.
Holy Cross Hurricanes 2010 Under 6's rugby league team sponsored by Killard Excavation
Holy Cross Hurricanes 2010 Under 7's rugby league team sponsored by Killard Excavation
Muck-up photo for Holy Cross Hurricanes 2010 Under 7's rugby league team sponsored by Killard Excavation


Killard Excavation Pty Ltd has a transparent and highly accountable approach to our social responsibility management. Killard Excavation Pty Ltd makes freely available to any interested parties our EMS Policy, OHS Policy, and Quality Systems Policy statement (found in Certificates and Policies), showing our commitment to the highest possible standards in relation to environmental, social, and safety issues.




In the future Killard Excavation will be using flipscreen technology with loaders and excavators in order to minimise the use of imported materials by using the excavated materials as backfill.

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